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Personalised Plans

Unlike many health plans on the market, I do not ask my clients to fit their lives around a plan but rather fit a plan around their lives, a plan specially designed with you in mind.

I use regular 1-to-1 sessions to ensure the plan is always tailored to your specific needs, changing and adapting when needed. With each package you will be delivered a plan with calorie and macro targets specific to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Your Diet Plan is weight loss your way

1-to-1 sessions

I offer one to one phone/video sessions where we can adjust your plan, discuss any issues you may be facing, and offer support and encouragement when needed. Your life is ever changing, and I believe that your plan should be evolving with you.

Macro Goals

Your Diet Plan gives you daily/weekly calorie targets, but also macro-nutrient goals to hit. These macro-nutrients are broken down to carbohydrates, protein and fat, and these targets are specific to your needs.

Meal Plans

Preparation is key. Having a plan in place detailing what you will be eating, is half the battle to hitting your goals! It reduces the chances of overeating, is less wasteful, and can be a great money saver!

What Others Think...

I started this program to lose weight, but also to improve my health. I've always had a poor diet, and exercised rarely. I always found myself overwhelmed with starting a healthy lifestyle and constantly put off improving myself. Working with Lisa was such a good experience. I was able to start slow, and create achievable and healthy goals while not having to stick to a strict diet. The weekly check-ins helped me stay on track, see what progress I made and find the next step to improving my health. The best parts of this program was having my plan created personally for what I wanted to achieve, and I was able to ask any health and food question that would pop in my mind. I really appreciate that Lisa was so supportive, both for the good and bad days. I recommend this plan to anyone who doesn't want a crash diet, but a real lifestyle change, with support from someone friendly and informative!
Cork, Ireland
The program and advice that Lisa gave me was outstanding. It was all highly informative but easy for everyone to understand. She took into consideration the type of diet lifestyle I would like to have and was honest with what was possible and what would have to change. Everything about it was completely personal to me. She was 100% supportive during the whole program, even when I thought I had a bad week. She also helped me realise that it is not all about losing weight but accepting my body at each stage and overcoming challenges (e.g. eating my feelings or getting takeaway/choosing unhealthy food if I was too tired to cook). Thank you, Lisa, for all of your support. I would definitely recommend her.
London, UK

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