Personalised Plans

Unlike many plans available, this is not a one-size-fits-all system. Every person has different dietary needs, goals, and lifestyles, and this should be taken into account when deciding on a health plan. I don’t ask my clients to fit their life around the plan, but rather to fit the plan around their lives. During our first consultation we will discuss what your diet plan will involve, making sure that your goals are always the priorityFollowing this I will formulate your specific plan which will detail your daily calorie and macronutrient targets, as well as any extra areas you wish to explore. 

1-to-1 Consultations

I will schedule regular check-ins to discuss any issues you may be facing, answer any questions you have, or adjust your plan as needed. Online consultations give you the flexibility and freedom to fit these check-ins around your life and can be done from anywhere. These 60-minute sessions are judge-free zones where you can be open and honest about obstacles that are affecting your journey, and I will provide help and support to overcome these.  

Support & Accountability

Losing weight can be difficult but doing it alone can seem even harder. I will be there to support you when needed and hold you accountable to your goals. Struggling to stick to your nutrition plan? I am here to give guidance and help you avoid any pitfalls. You’ve had an amazing loss? I am here to cheer you on and encourage you. We are a team, and achieving your goals is my main aim.

Convenient Packages

Your Diet Plan is available in 4-week, 8-week and 12-week plans to fit around your lifestyle. Each package provides access to your personalised diet plan and 1-to-1 sessions. Once your plan has ended, you have the option to purchase again and continue your weight-loss journey. By using PayPal, your payment is secure, and we do not store any payment details on our systems. We also take all major credit and debit cards, no PayPal account required!

Ready To Start?


A 60-minute consultation for those that need a little extra help with their existing diet

  • 60-Minute Call
  • Calorie Goals
  • Macro Goals
  • FREE Macros Fact Sheet
  • 10% Discount on Additional Plans


Ideal for those struggling to lose the last few pounds or those coming back after a break from dieting

  • 4-Week Plan
  • Fully Personalised Calories and Macros
  • 2x 30-Minute Phone Check-In Sessions
  • FREE Macro Fact Sheet
  • Support to Create Healthy Habits
  • Contact Anytime via SMS/E-mail
  • Advice to Help Create a Healthy Relationship with Food


Perfect for those continuing their health journey and working towards their goals

  • 8-Week Plan
  • Fully Personalised Calories and Macros
  • 4x 30-Minute Phone Check-In Sessions
  • FREE Macro Fact Sheet
  • Support to Create Healthy Habits
  • Contact Anytime via SMS/E-Mail
  • Advice to Help Create a Healthy Relationship with Food


A great option for first-timers and those new to calorie counting

  • 12-Week Plan
  • Fully Personalised Calories and Macros
  • 8x 30-Minute Phone Calls
  • FREE Macro Fact Sheet
  • Detailed Information Session
  • Support to Create Healthy Habits
  • Contact Anytime via SMS/E-Mail
  • Advice to Help Create a Healthy Relationship with Food

What Others Think...

I started this program to lose weight, but also to improve my health. I've always had a poor diet, and exercised rarely. I always found myself overwhelmed with starting a healthy lifestyle and constantly put off improving myself. Working with Lisa was such a good experience. I was able to start slow, and create achievable and healthy goals while not having to stick to a strict diet. The weekly check-ins helped me stay on track, see what progress I made and find the next step to improving my health. The best parts of this program was having my plan created personally for what I wanted to achieve, and I was able to ask any health and food question that would pop in my mind. I really appreciate that Lisa was so supportive, both for the good and bad days. I recommend this plan to anyone who doesn't want a crash diet, but a real lifestyle change, with support from someone friendly and informative!
Cork, Ireland
The program and advice that Lisa gave me was outstanding. It was all highly informative but easy for everyone to understand. She took into consideration the type of diet lifestyle I would like to have and was honest with what was possible and what would have to change. Everything about it was completely personal to me. She was 100% supportive during the whole program, even when I thought I had a bad week. She also helped me realise that it is not all about losing weight but accepting my body at each stage and overcoming challenges (e.g. eating my feelings or getting takeaway/choosing unhealthy food if I was too tired to cook). Thank you, Lisa, for all of your support. I would definitely recommend her.
London, UK

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